ABgenomica says : Adieu et merci !

Back in 2009 me and my co-founders had a vision about the best way to create bioinformatics tools able to easy-install, maintain and solve problems such as interoperability and reproductibility in huge genome data analysis.

By the end of 2010 ABgenomica was born, and in the following years managed to create efficient tools, thanks to the team, customers and coworkers.

Although ABgenomica has succeeded in many ways, it also faced obstacles. There are still many unresolved challenges for startups (funding, clients, etc). We did all we could, but regretfully, ABgenomica now has to cease its operations.

I want to thank the ABgenomica team that has been working so hard during all these years. We would also like to thank our customers and partners for their support, specially the INRA/URGI and LAL.

Best research,

Victoria Dominguez Del Angel
CEO ABgenomica